Rehabilitation Services

Inspiring Individuals of all levels of ability to reach their full potential.

At ExercisAbilities, we are experts in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy rehabilitation. We have services for birth to 99+ in everything from orthopedic pain therapy to neurologic recovery. Our community-based approach provides easy, quick access to an evaluation within the same week that you call us. We have easy, free parking and a beautiful large facility with a bright lobby and state of the art equipment. We will work to help all individuals meet their full potential through individualized assessment, goal setting, and program design. Our philosophy that lifelong recovery is possible far beyond the current limits of our medical and insurance model is refreshing and unique in the upper Midwest. Once you improve to the point where you no longer need a licensed therapist, our many adaptive recreation and medical fitness professionals will be available to be sure you stay on the right road to full recovery and great health maintenance. Check out our many programs for all ages and abilities and you are sure to find many that will fit your hopes and dreams!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Research and experience have shown us that movement is the key to improved health. At ExercisAbilities, our physical therapy staff are specialists in treating most community-based issues. We dedicate ourselves to helping you regain movement, decrease pain, and restore overall good health. We offer advanced rehabilitation technologies in our clinic. Our staff is also specialized in diagnoses ranging from chronic pain/fibromyalgia to senior balance and other neurologic issues.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our adult occupational therapists can help you regain life skills such as returning to work duties, improving memory strategies for health management tasks, implement coping tools for stress management, or improve independence with household tasks. We utilize treatment techniques to give you modifications and adaptation tools, as well as ways to improve your abilities. The goal is to help you manage stress, promote independence, regain movement, decrease pain, and achieve overall wellness.

Speech Therapy

Pediatric Therapy

At ExercisAbilities, we work with both child and family on a customized therapy plan suited for a wide range of diagnoses. If your child has a developmental delay or disorder that hinders their expression and movement, talk to us about what is provided in our pediatric therapy programs. We offer transitions to our adult program as children grow and age out of traditionally pediatric size play and equipment. We’re here for your child throughout their entire lifespan.

  • Lori“Melanie and her staff believe whole-heartedly that continuing physical therapy can benefit people with all kinds of physical disabilities. I have seen positive results and have great hope for further gains through my work with ExercisAbilities.” - Watch her story here.
    - Lori
  • Carissa“I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for ExercisAbilities and the friendships I’ve formed there. I’m more active in my daily life, physically and socially. They have helped me become myself again and I’m excited for what my future holds.” - Watch her story here.
    - Carissa
  • tom“With ExercisAbilities help Tom takes care of his own personal cares, exercises 5 days a week to build up strength in his legs and keep his body functioning. Without it, he would simply be laying in a bed and we all know that is no quality of life. Thank you EA for giving Tom a true chance to recover and live the best life he can despite his disabilities at this time.” - Watch his story here.
    - Tom and his sister LuAnn
  • don“ExercisAbilities relieved most of his pain within an hour of therapy. Since then they have helped Don strengthen muscles he didn’t realize he could control. His walk is improving, his pain is now minimal, he is out and about again, and he again has hope. Wow!”
    - Don and Rosella K
  • brad“ExercisAbilities is how it inspires me to never give up, with the endless support of those incredible people. My family and I will forever be grateful for the finding of this place that changed my life, going from despair to hopeful. Thank you Melanie and team, for making such a difference in my life!” - Watch his story here.
    - Brad
  • megan“You can never stop.  You have to keep working always" - Watch her story here.
    - Megan
  • clayton"I would not be independent today if it was not for ExercisAbilities" - Watch his story here.
    - Clayton
  • joe“I need a place where I feel comfortable. To be myself in order to get better.”
    - Joe
  • "The pediatric program is excellent! Knowledgeable and fun therapists keep my son engaged and wanting to come back!"
    - Rebekah, parent
  • "It has helped me own my own body again. Feeling physically ABLE to gain stamina, mobility, and strength. I am whole. Also helps me physically and emotionally manage my life. Being supported and learning what the human body is capable of! I am worth it."
    - Dorie
  • "It is very much needed.  I wish the neurologist had told us about your webinars. Never knew about the importance of seeing an OT. Now the picture is complete."
    Parkinson's Workshop Attendee

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