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Schedule your Health and Recreation Assessment to get started.  Complete a Personal Financial Disclosure Form to see if you qualify for our sliding scale fee to be applied to your workshop participation.  Call our office to also schedule your Financial Impact Assessment Meeting at EA.

ARE YOU ALREADY A THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE AND REC PARTICIPANT?  Stop in during your next visit to register or give us a call 507-259-7570!

Outside Scholarship Opportunities for Adaptive Fitness, Therapeutic Recreation, and More!

A PWR! participant or person with Parkinson’s disease? Fill out this form from the APDA for a wonderful annual fitness scholarship opportunity worth $500!

Have a Spinal Cord Injury? GUSU offers periodic adaptive fitness scholarships.  Check out this website to see if an application is open now.

Call 507-259-7570 for your free fitness assessment or to inquire about classes or appointments.

All Adaptive Classes

Caregivers can feel safe to leave their loved one and seek respite during the class, participate in the class, or get a pass and exercise on your own.

No membership required.

  • Class, workshops and services priced per event.  See our catalog for current prices and offerings.
  • Medical Insurance may pay for some of these classes. Please speak with your Insurance provider for more information.
  • Waiver services and sliding scale fee rates for qualified individuals may be available.
  • Please ask for a Financial Impact Assessment prior to deciding that a service or offering is too expensive for you.  We want everyone to get the service they need and want, no matter what your financial ability is at currently.

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