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2020 Brings NEW and Exciting Changes to our EA Inclusive Wellness Class Model!

Read this article to learn all that is new at EA starting January 2020!  We are excited to evolve with the success of our 2019 fundraising efforts into a model that will allow us to truly offer access to our adaptive fitness and rec programs for all!!!  To view our new rehabilitative fitness programming workshop schedule, follow the links below.  We have partnered with Adaptive Parka and Rec and Community Ed this year to add more offerings!

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Schedule your Health and Recreation Assessment to get started.  Complete a Personal Financial Disclosure Form to see if you qualify for our sliding scale fee to be applied to your workshop participation.  Return to the Front Desk, bring to your Financial Impact Assessment Meeting at EA or email to

ALREADY A class or Therapeutic Health PARTICIPANT?  Click Book online above and look for your workshop to sign up.  We recommend a new Financial Impact Assessment meeting with our business office staff through the front desk prior to January 1, 2020 or registration.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities for Adaptive Fitness, Therapeutic Recreation, and More!

A PWR! participant or person with Parkinson’s disease? Fill out this form from the APDA for awonderful annual fitness scholarship opportunity worth $500!

Have a Spinal Cord Injury? GUSU offers periodic adaptive fitness scholarships.  Check out this website to see if an application is open now.


So here’s the scoop on inclusive wellness programming – therapeutic recreation, rehabilitative exercise, adaptive fitness, and therapeutic health and wellness.

Inclusive wellness is an approach to wellness services that is specialized and adaptive minded. If you have a medical condition or disability such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, intellectual disability or a neurologic or physically disabling condition, an inclusive fitness center:

  • Is the best and safest place to workout or continue your rehabilitation journey, especially if your medical rehabilitation offerings such as physical therapy or occupational therapy have come to an end.
  • Has exercise specialists, exercise physiologists or inclusive fitness trainers, that have advanced training beyond a basic personal trainer certificate to work confidently with any impairment and are skilled to provide individualized programs for people with medical or disability conditions.
  • Has specialized equipment that is fully accessible, providing adaptations to help make exercise safe with impairments like low vision or poor balance or easy to use from a wheelchair.
  • Offers specialized classes that are diagnosis specific and evidence based (meaning there is a lot of good research to support the fact that it works).
  • Designs therapeutic recreation programming to fit all abilities and even includes individuals that are physically and neuro typical – that is what truly inclusive is all about!

In contrast, a standard fitness and rec facility and their staff usually offer activities that are designed to be accessed by individuals without need for modifications. Standard machines and classes that are geared to a more active population are common. Staff are typically personal trainers with basic certificates, qualified to work with the standard population without any pre-existing medical or physical problems.  Sure, if you are in a wheelchair you are welcome to go to a standard facility, but how many classes can be adapted for you, how many pieces of equipment can you use from a wheelchair, and how many staff really know about your condition or how to make exercise safe and accessible for you?  Usually, the answer is none.  And that is okay!  That is where EA comes in!

We often get the questions, “Is inclusive fitness really any different than regular fitness?” or “Can’t all health clubs or personal trainers work with me now that I have had a stroke, heart attack, spinal cord injury, or brain injury.” (and many more diagnoses as you will learn).  How is therapeutic recreation programs different than traditional recreation activities?

What makes ExercisAbilities an inclusive fitness and recreation facility?

Our staff consists of Exercise Physiologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Dietitian/Nutritionists, Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and Personal Trainers.  We believe individuals with any medical, physical, cognitive, or behavioral impairments of all ages from birth to end of life need ongoing efforts in terms of mobility, movement, good nutrition, and exercise to stay healthy and continue on their roadmap to recovery.

This need does not just stop when insurances or Doctors say therapy is over. The need is life long. In addition, this road is not easy and often individuals with these impairments have great difficulty exercising they way they should. Our programs offer the right amount of assistance and the right type of care all in the right setting to help everyone with goals to succeed.

Our Programs

ExercisAbilities has many programs to fit your need as well as your budget. As a 501c3 nonprofit and MN Home and Community Based Waiver Services provider, there will be a program for you, no matter what your financial resources may be.  Meet with our Financial Impact Assessment Consultant prior to making a decision on not attending the class or service due to the cost.  We want you to meet your goals – and we are here to help!

Check out the class and service lists and descriptions in the Vagaro app above.

Call 507-259-7570 for your free fitness assessment or to inquire about classes or appointments.

All Adaptive Classes

Caregivers can feel safe to leave their loved one and seek respite during the class, participate in the class, or get a pass and exercise on your own.

No membership required.

  • Class, workshops and services priced per event.  See our catalog for current prices and offerings.
  • Medical Insurance does not pay for fitness or recreation.
  • Waiver services and sliding scale fee rates for qualified individuals may be available.
  • Please ask for a Financial Impact Assessment prior to deciding that an service or offering is too expensive for you.  We want everyone to get the service they need and want, no matter what your financial ability is at currently.

Don’t wait – start working on a healthier you today!

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