Health Promotion

Inspiring Individuals of all levels of ability to reach their full potential.


Child & Family Nutrition

ExercisAbilities offers a family nutrition program called KidShape 2.0 for children in the 85th percentile or higher for body weight. Children and their families attend six two-hour sessions led by a registered dietitian and a youth exercise specialist. Families will learn about getting active, as well as new techniques for grocery shopping, prepping meals, and cooking. See what KidShape 2.0 can do for your family’s health and well-being!

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

ExercisAbilities can help you prevent type 2 diabetes with a proven program from the Center for Disease Control called the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Our specialists can help you lose five to seven percent of your current body weight by adjusting your lifestyle to support healthy eating, increased activity, and improved health reports. No physician referral is required. Find out how DPP can improve your life and wellness!

Workplace Wellness

Worksite Wellness

Searching for a way to promote a healthier lifestyle for your employees or residents? ExercisAbilities offers a variety of evidence-based programs to help your employees or group home residents live happier, healthier, and more active lives. You have the option of choosing a pre-planned program or customizing a program based on what works best for your group. See all of the options ExercisAbilities can offer your residents or employees!

  • Lori“Melanie and her staff believe whole-heartedly that continuing physical therapy can benefit people with all kinds of physical disabilities. I have seen positive results and have great hope for further gains through my work with ExercisAbilities.” - Watch her story here.
    - Lori
  • Carissa“I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for ExercisAbilities and the friendships I’ve formed there. I’m more active in my daily life, physically and socially. They have helped me become myself again and I’m excited for what my future holds.” - Watch her story here.
    - Carissa
  • tom“With ExercisAbilities help Tom takes care of his own personal cares, exercises 5 days a week to build up strength in his legs and keep his body functioning. Without it, he would simply be laying in a bed and we all know that is no quality of life. Thank you EA for giving Tom a true chance to recover and live the best life he can despite his disabilities at this time.” - Watch his story here.
    - Tom and his sister LuAnn
  • don“ExercisAbilities relieved most of his pain within an hour of therapy. Since then they have helped Don strengthen muscles he didn’t realize he could control. His walk is improving, his pain is now minimal, he is out and about again, and he again has hope. Wow!”
    - Don and Rosella K
  • brad“ExercisAbilities is how it inspires me to never give up, with the endless support of those incredible people. My family and I will forever be grateful for the finding of this place that changed my life, going from despair to hopeful. Thank you Melanie and team, for making such a difference in my life!” - Watch his story here.
    - Brad
  • megan“You can never stop.  You have to keep working always" - Watch her story here.
    - Megan
  • clayton"I would not be independent today if it was not for ExercisAbilities" - Watch his story here.
    - Clayton
  • joe“I need a place where I feel comfortable. To be myself in order to get better.”
    - Joe
  • "The pediatric program is excellent! Knowledgeable and fun therapists keep my son engaged and wanting to come back!"
    - Rebekah, parent
  • "It has helped me own my own body again. Feeling physically ABLE to gain stamina, mobility, and strength. I am whole. Also helps me physically and emotionally manage my life. Being supported and learning what the human body is capable of! I am worth it."
    - Dorie
  • "It is very much needed.  I wish the neurologist had told us about your webinars. Never knew about the importance of seeing an OT. Now the picture is complete."
    Parkinson's Workshop Attendee

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